Elaine Jones is a semi-professional photographer specializing in product photography, location photography and scenic images.

When photos are taken on behalf of a client (the client pays for the images to be obtained), all rights to those images pass to the client. Product images shown here have been pre-approved by the client.

Publications: if you would like to use any of these images as stock photos for an article or other use, please contact us and we will request the appropriate permissions from the companies who own the rights.

All scenic images are (c) Elaine Jones.


SP Controls, located in South San Francisco, California, manufactures room control devices that are very popular with the education market. Their small size and ease of use allows them to blend into a room while being accessible and non-intimidating for teachers. These images were obtained at various locations in California.
 SP Controls science classroom
 UCSD_conf rm with SP box
 SP Controls PD application
 Logitek Electronic Systems is a manufacturer of broadcast audio equipment (audio mixing consoles and audio networking products) based in Houston, Texas.  Their products are used in Radio and TV stations around the world. These images were captured at various broadcast facilities.
 Radio studio
 small radio studio
 Medium radio studio Logitek
Scenic images make great backgrounds (as well as nice artwork for the office). These images were captured on the Big Island of Hawaii and throughout the western mainland USA.
 halemaumau at dusk
 Glacier Bay
 007_Hanksville badlands 2
 Mt Rainier in summer
 Nevada countryside_web
 Cliff dwelling

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